About Us | Luxury Vehicle Interiors & Accessories

Masque sets bold new levels of innovation in the transformation of vehicle interiors.

  • Who We Are?

    Masque™ is a division of Marklyn Group who have been in automotive accessories for over 45 years. We are a devoted team of product specialists and creative individuals collaborating to make your vehicle a welcoming, comfortable place. We strive towards three main goals – innovation in design, a high standard of quality, and excellent value. Based outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Masque™ is an independent company that employs a variety of minds for a unique and cutting edge product.

  • Our Passion?

    To transform vehicle interiors with luxurious materials in stylish and practical designs.

  • Our Vision

    The collaboration between our design team and product development specialists blends practicality with creativity and innovative thinking to give automotive interiors new life. Simply, we want your vehicle to be an attractive, comfortable place to be.

  • Our Sister Brands

    Masque is part of the Marklyn Group family of brands. We are an industry leader in the automotive market through brands such as Alpena™, Hug Buddy™, ProStrobe™, WrapTech™, and Private Eyes™ Window Film. Our products cover a broad range spanning seat covers, steering wheel covers, mobile device holders, interior organization & accessories, LED and halogen automotive lighting, style accessories, and tint film as well as professional quality strobe lighting.