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Can I use the center console in my back seat with this seat cover?

Yes. For most of our back seat covers, you should be able to use the center console in your back seat. Many of our cloth seat covers have a zippered section in the middle that you can unzip for access to your center consol.

Will this seat cover/ steering wheel cover fit my vehicle? (How to tell what covers will fit what vehicles ex. small car, suv, sedan, truck)

For the most part, it will be indicted on the packaging or in the description what type of vehicle your seat cover / steering wheel cover will fit.

In general, our steering wheel covers and seat covers come in these sizes:

Truck Steering Wheel Coverswhich will fit:   Trucks and full size SUVs

Car Steering Wheel Coverswhich will fit:   Sedans, small size SUVs and Compacts

If a seat cover you purchased does not fit your vehicle, please contact us and we will find a solution for you or refund your purchase.

Will this seat cover accommodate the seatbelts in my back seat?

Yes. Before installing your rear seat cover, you will need to make sure the seat belt is extended. Once extended, put the rear seat cover under the seat belt and install it. If done correctly, the seat belt will be on top of the seat cover.

The straps on my seat covers don’t have hooks / clips. Can I get extra ones?

If you have straps on your seat cover without hooks, please return the product. Our oversized 3/8” hook cannot be mounted by hand and is specifically designed to be sewn into the seat cover.

NOTE: Not all seat covers have hooks.

How do I install the headrest cover?

Please detach your headrest from your seat. Put the headrest cover over your headrest and work the cover down until it has fully covered your headrest. Please consult your owners manual or dealer if your headrest is not easily removable.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Installation instructions can be found on almost every package.  You can find a duplicate copy of the instructions by clicking HERE or you may contact our Customer Care line.


Why should I create a personal shopping account?

Here are just a few of the benefits for establishing a personal account:

  1. Expedite your checkout process.
  2. It’s safe-you never have to send us your credit card info (all shopping carts are processed and stored through Paypal)
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What forms of payment does Masque.ca accept?

All orders are process through PayPal with the option of using Mastercard, VISA, and American Express without a PayPal account.

This protects both yourself and Masque.ca from any identity theft as non of your credit card information are stored on Masque.ca

All credit card information are process through PayPal in which you either enter your credit card information at PayPal’s site or use your PayPal account.


I cannot complete my order because it says "No shipping methods available". What do I do?

If the text in our shipping methods box shows up as a light grey, all you need to do is wait a few moments while we get shipping prices from our various carriers. Then you should be able to select a shipping option and be on your way.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping prices will only be calculated once an address has been entered.


If the message “No shipping methods available” shows up in black, please contact our customer care line. Keep in mind, we will only ship to locations in Canada and the USA.



PayPal will not let me submit my payment information. What should I do?

Please double check that you are using one of the accepted credit cards and that it is not expired.

If you are trying to pay by credit card without logging into a PayPal account, please ensure that the email address and card you are using is not already connected to a PayPal account. If this is the case, a yellow message box will appear at the top of your screen notifying you of the problem. Please log in to PayPal if you wish to use that card.

If you are still having problems, please contact our customer care line and we will take your order via credit card over the phone.

Is it safe to pay by credit card online?

All credit card information are entered on PayPal’s site.

No financial information is stored on masque.ca – this is a policy to protect both yourself as a user and us as the merchant.

Information provided by you is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology on PayPal which the information is encrypted.


Can I change a payment method after submitting an order?

No, not online in real-time after the order is processed on PayPal.

However, you can call our office to make adjustments to your order. Pending on the request a service charge my be required.

Call: 1-800-387-3217 and speak to customer service for assistance on your order.


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